Installation "Parade of penises" 2018-2019
Material: G-10 gypsum
The size: 10000 cm
location: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture , Kyiv, Ukraine
Project location: The exhibition "Decommunia_tion", "Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz", Berlin, Germany
Project location: Sofia Art Week , gallery Underground, Sofia, Bulgaria
Project location: Festival of media and performing arts "Work Atelier Plastilin", Sofia, Bulgaria

Penis Parade depicts a military parade comprising miniature gypsum soldiers, tanks and rocket carriers, in phallic form. Military occupations are an unreasonable waste of economic and human resources, carried out in order to show strength and to put fear in the people. The installation is made of gypsum G10 (mined in the city of Artemovsk, in the Donetsk region, where recent Russian-Ukrainian hostilities took place, on the border between the armed forces of Ukraine and the armed forces of the militia of the Donetsk People's Republic). Gypsum G10 is considered an expendable sculptural material, just as soldiers for most commanders are expendable—human life does not matter in the realm of war.

Following an exhibition of his new work at the Kyiv Academy of Fine Art (NOAM) in January 2019, where Khachanov was a student, he was faced by rising threats to his art, life and well-being from far-right forces in Ukraine. It related specifically to an art installation "Penis Parade" in which Khachanov placed dozens of miniature plaster soldiers and military vehicles, all with suggestive phallic features, in a long military parade that occupied the corridor of the Kyiv Art Academy. Starting with threats from a professor at the academy and rising to a dangerous fever pitch, his life was endangered by a growing cohort of fascists, and the notorious grouping C14 in particular. Artists at Risk (AR) intervened at this point, bringing him directly to AR-Safe Haven Helsinki.
Modeling of figures for installation
Making a silicone mold
Making plaster molds
First plaster models
Video about the installation "Parade of penises"
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