Material: Wood, metal, bottles.
The size: 190 cm- 50 cm.
Material: Wood, metal.
The size: 200cm-70cm, 200cm-220cm, 140cm-170cm.
Project location: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
This is a series of degenerative sculptures of abandoned cities and people, ghosts in the eyes of the government, society and those who exist in real conflicts. These people have become ghosts. I fashioned these sculptures partly out of existing sculptures and partly out of wood that used to be part of my home which was destroyed during the military actions in Donbass. Parts of a home are like parts of a body, out of these materials, I, like a surgeon, sow them together and give them new life
"Janitor" 2014.
Material: Tinted bronze.
Size: 20cm-30cm.
Material: painted wood.
Size: 100cm- 80cm.
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