A project by the working group "Priam's children".
The name of the group comes from Greek mythology. Priam was the mythical king of Troy, whose children either died during the Trojan Wars or became refugees and immigrants. The group consists of five artists from different parts of the world: Ukraine, Iran, Bolivia, Israel, and Venezuela who, due to the causes of military conflicts, due to economic and political instability, persecution of right-wing groups, had to leave their home
country and become migrants and refugees.
The animation "Parade of Penises" presents a fictional universe with the magical planet Penisland, where society is built on the principles of militarism. The main idea of the parade is a way of living. The animation shows one day in the life of the citizens of this planet, in which a daily military parade takes place.

The idea of the project is based on a story that happened with Spartak Khachanov, the creator of the "Parade of Penises" in Ukraine. Since 2017, Spartak has been studying the phenomenon of a military parade. In 2018 a scandal broke out because of his installation "Parade of Penises" at the Kyiv Academy of Arts. It resonated across Ukraine and went beyond its borders and split society into those who support military parades and who is against them. Due to the persecution of former military and right-wing nationalist groups, Spartak had to leave his country.

"Priam's children" working group raises the following question: are parades necessary in the civilized world at all? An army that does not defend democracy, but does the opposite, forgetting to defend basic human rights. It focuses on protecting their individual ambitions and personal interests. The project is a reminder that the military can easily turn into a brainless system when a society forgets what democracy is: "a political (not military) system that protects the sovereignty of the people and their right to choose and control their rulers.
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