Sound installation "Triumph of Death" 2018.

Material: Plasticine, wood, metal.
The size: 300-300 cm.
Project location: Gallery "HLEB ZAVOD", Kyiv, Ukraine.

The project "Triumph of Death" is an auditory installation in which Justice's "Genesis" will be played in accompaniment with marching plasticine soldiers, tanks, and airplanes made of wood and metal. Remembering my childhood and how I understood war through the medium of mass information and Hollywood films will serve as the inspiration for this project. I used to model widespread war taking up the entirety of my childhood room where I served as the high commander or a little dictator creating and destroying armies at will. My installation will be a discotheque fueled by the sounds of tanks and bombarding planes. It will be a trance party in which, under narcotic and alcoholic influence, the main DJ is death.Gallery "Bread Factory" 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine.
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