Sculptural project "Shadows of Ancestors" dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 2014-2018
Material: Tinted wood, metal, stone
Size: 120x100 cm
Material: Tinted wood
Size: 165cm-100cm
Material: Tinted wood, iron, stone
Size: 100cm-80cm
Material: Tinted wood, iron
Size: 190 cm-80 cm
Material: tinted wood, iron
Size: 200 cm-150 cm
Material: Painted wood, iron
Size: 120x100 cm
Material: Tinted bronze
Size: 25cm-12cm
Material: Tinted limestone stone.
Size: 80cm -40cm
Material: Glazed сeramics
Size: 80cm-30cm
Material: Clay
Size: 30cm -80cm
Material: Foam block, granite, metal
Size: 100cm-80cm
Material: сeramics terracotta
Size: 80cm-50cm
Material: Glazed сeramics.
Size: 80cm-40 cm.
Material: Painted wood.
Size: 150cm-100cm
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