Carefully, the next stop is the Hills 2018
Project location: Hills on the mountain Shchekovitsa, Kiev, Ukraine
Another project of the Hlebozavod (HZ) association, which should once again draw attention to a rather new but urgent problem of building parks and recreation areas. Participants: Spartak Khachanov, Yevgeny Valyuk, Nastya Didenko, Ilya Chulochnikov, Yevgen Stein. The project was facilitated by: Bayat, Anna Anufrieva and Slava Kuzmich. Disappearing those places that were very difficult to imagine "victims" of developers. Such a possible "victim" of the HC was chosen by the notorious Hills on Mount Shelkovitsa between Lukyanovskaya and Nizhniy Rutkovskaya. The place is legendary, which gives the opportunity to rest in nature for many generations of people who are related to the arts, and not only. The project intervention itself is a public transport stop with a timetable and an urn. By its appearance, it should remind holidaymakers that even here, instead of the green zone, everything can be rolled up by asphalt.
Video from the project
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