The International Winter Festival of Environmental Art "Mythogenesis" 2021

The International Winter Festival of Environmental Art "Mythogenesis" has been held since 2006 on the territory of the ancient Scythian settlement (Nemyriv Raion, Vinnytsia oblast).

In 2021, due to t he COVID-19 outbreak, the project took place online. This year, artists, working in the field of environmental art, realized their personal and group works at their own locations and sent the documentation to the e-mail address of the festival.

The main concept of the project remains unchanged - "Mythogenesis", as a definition of creation and production of the newest myth. The objects of environmental art created by the participants, in the context of the general name of the project, perform the tasks of "Mythogenesis" and visualize the feeling of modernity through an artistic image. The result is the emergence of a discursive field between the viewer and the new mythological space created by artists.

The peculiarity of land art, as a contemporary art direction, consists in the intimacy of the creative process. Artists interact with the environment not in public, the audience receives projects almost in the form of exhibitions of photo and video documentation.

18.11.2021. As part of the project "Cultural Mystique Residence" in Vinnytsia in the gallery "ART CHIC" an online catalog and exhibition of several projects of participants of the International Winter Festival of Land Art "MITHOGENESIS 2021" was held ". The presentation was carried out by: O. Nikityuk (curator of the festival), N. Lisova (co-curator of the project), M. Zhurunova, author of the design and creator of the festival catalogue, installation of the exposition of the viconal Oleksandra Lyubatska and Anastasia Muslovets. The new version of the exhibition will be presented at the Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Regional History in early 2022.
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