Exhibition "Bread Conversion" 2019

Bread conversion
The idea of the project was to investigate incidents of the use of bread as a weapon and/or as a lever for the subjugation of nations. The artists chose part of the facilities of the former Workshop No.2 of the Bread Plant No.2 as a laboratory for research - primarily because of the existence of this enterprise.

They coincide with almost the most painful moments of the history of the Ukrainian people. Bread is considered in this project as an extremely important resource, and isn't Ukraine one of the world's largest deposits of this resource?

The visual part of the project consists of collages, installations and objects placed in the gallery space. This is a mass research to reveal the history of the Podil industrial zone pixel by pixel; the exhibited works in group t3 separately reflect certain moments of the existence of the object of research. Today, the premises of the "Bakery" are a refuge for artists who are part of the environment of the same name. where",

Participants: Evgeny Valyuk, Evgen Shtein, Hanna Anufrieva, Nastya Didenko and Spartak Khachanov. The Hlebzavod group was created to support creative ideas and initiatives in the field of modern art and for informal communication between artists. The initial composition of the team: Evgeny Valek, Nastya Didenko, Evgen Shtein. In 2018, they were joined by Hanna Anufriesa, Spartak × Khachanov, Ilya Chulochnikov and Bayat.

The members of Hlebzavod have common views on modern art and in their artistic practice work on the theme of the post-Soviet reality in various media. The name of the association came from an abandoned factory in Podol, which was converted into an art studio and exhibition space. The last peak was made by the artists of Hlebzavod such projects: "Scratch-art project", "Project Battle of sense or Address of powers", "Moving-meruhome", "Infantilismus", Action "Funeral-requiem" 3 by Egor Antsygin, "House of Hook", action "Sobranie. Russian black" and "Operation "Styr"" 3 Ute Kilter, campaign "Caution next hill stop", "Apartment x3 "Hlebzawod Art Prize", "Inventory"; Oleg Kharchenko's initiative "Hlebzawod Biennale of Contemporary Art".

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