Plasticine stop-motion animation project "Penisland Planet"
The animation "Penisland Planet" presents a fictional universe with the fictional planet Penisland, where society is built on the principles of militarism. The main idea of the parade is a way of living. The animation shows one day in the life of the citizens of this planet, in which a daily military parade takes place. The duration of the animation is 12-15 minutes. The animation loops and the military parade continues over and over again.

The idea of the animation project is based on a story that happened to me in Ukraine. Since 2017, I have been researching the topic of military parades. In 2018, a scandal broke out because of my new installation "Penise Parade" at the Kyiv Academy of Arts, where I was a student. The scandal erupted throughout Ukraine and beyond, there was a split in society between those who support military parades and those who are against them. Due to persecution by right-wing radical nationalist groups in Ukraine, I was forced to leave my country and become a refugee.

The project touches upon the theme of military parades, militarisation and personality cult. Are parades even necessary in the civilised world?
They are a reminder that the military can easily become a brainless system. How the military force can become a cancerous tumour for any society in the world and how some countries
still blindly revere their armed forces, no matter how illegal and absurd their actions may be.

The goal of the project is to convey to society the danger of militarisation as a state ideology, which is happening now in many states that are building up their military power and waging wars.

The task is to convey to society what is behind such parades. Namely, millions of refugees, millions of people who were left homeless, millions of people killed, millions of orphans, hunger, pollution, environmental problems and the death of the planet.

Using satire to show the military parade as a senseless and absurd phenomenon.

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